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10 things you might not know about Blenheim Palace – ‘the real Downton Abbey’. © Carnival Films / MASTERPIECE. For BYU’s production of Misalliance, learning the etiquette of the time period has been very important. Place nothing on the table—eye glasses, pill bottle, cell phone. If she has daughters who have come out in society, they should receive the guests, then mingle with them “to help to make the function a success.”. When the First World War broke out, marks of the lavish Edwardian period began to fade. Are mealtime selfies acceptable? After the fish came the entrée, which might consist of vol-au-vent, mutton cutlets or sweetbreads served with champagne or claret. The Manners of Downton Abbey follows Alastair Bruce, the historical advisor for the series, as he helps the cast navigate every little detail of proper Downton etiquette. While the penniless Lord Gillingham—who comes from a well-established bloodline—would be viewed as a more appropriate match for Lady Mary Crawley in Season 5. Bring your food towards you – never the other way around – and try not to end up wearing your soup. To marry, a woman had to leave domestic service, a kind of forced independence that set her to work on her own household. A Dictionary of Polite Etiquette: A Guide to Polite Usage for All Social Functions. Adapted from a variety of resources dating from 1834 onward, this is an amusingly serious collection of Edwardian ettiquette—from table manners to hair and makeup and sporting pursuits to health and well being. If you were serving a fish dish, each guest also needed a fish fork and knife or a small oyster fork, if needed. With shocking speed, the old traditions—and traditional manners with them—became things of the past. A footman must meet guests as they arrive at the curb to open their carriage doors, and another should open the front door “the moment a guest appears at the top step.”. While some rules seem a bit quaint, most 19th Century table manners would not be out of place today. Table Manners. The order in which servants sat at their own downstairs dining room table reflected this microcosm of the class system. Gentlemen offer their arms to the ladies and husbands do not escort their wives. Fear not! If you subscribe to BBC History Magazine Print or Digital Editions then you can unlock 10 years’ worth of archived history material fully searchable by Topic, Location, Period and Person. Lady Mary between two suitors, one newly wealthy in business, the other inheritor of the Downton land and estate. It is hosted by Alastair Bruce, historic adviser to the production. Even in casual or unplanned moments, including with friends and family, it was important to keep oneself under control. Social Etiquette and Manners Bowing: “A gentleman should not bow from a window to a lady on the street, though he may bow slightly from the street upon being recognized by a lady in a window. The character Richard Carlisle in the first season of Downton Abbey was wealthy, but he had made his money as a newspaperman. The British are famously described as having a “stiff upper lip,” showing no inappropriate bursts of affection or anger. Edwardians never, for example, shook hands. Standing with your mouth wide open in awe at the finery and elegant decor will embarrass both you and them. As well as tasting good, all of the food served must look impressive. The footmen were like the peacocks of an Edwardian country house, impressive to look at and always on display, whether greeting guests at the doorstep or serving them in the dining room. Victorian Etiquettes and Manners for Men and Women Throughout the Victorian era, merely walking down the street would be a very different situation than what you would see in today’s times. The butler and housekeeper were at the head of this group in terms of dignity, authority and earnings. Even the architecture made sure of it, as there were no rooms for a couple to live in and work in the same house together. Jun 12, 2020 - Explore Sa-Maria's board "Edwardian dress" on Pinterest. Brentano’s, New York: 1904. Proper Edwardian etiquette is one of the main things that helps both the actors and the audience go back to 1909, England. Such recognition should, however, generally be avoided, as gossip is likely to attach undue importance to it when seen by others.” (Just as Lady Rose was presented to Queen Mary and King George V, Edward’s son and successor, in the 2013 Christmas special of Downton Abbey.). “You are a footman, and a footman wears gloves,” says Mr. Carson, the butler of Downton Abbey, in a tone that brooks no argument. "My dance card is full. A typical Edwardian dinner party at Preston Manor would start with soup accompanied by sherry. Men generally wear tuxedos as a minimum – tailcoats for especially formal occasions – while the women will be attired in full length dresses with their hair in an elaborate up-do. Alastair Bruce with actor Hugh Bonneville on the set of Downton Abbey. Remember to be polite and be on your best behaviour. They were showcases of wealth for the upper classes, allowing them to impress their guests with their best silverware and multiple courses of fine food and wine. On your arrival you will have been given a card informing you who you are sat next to. It’s All About the Manners. If the house you have been invited to is exceptionally grand, try to keep your amazement to yourself. After the butler has announced dinner, the master of the household will lead the procession into the dining room, with the lady of highest rank on his arm. When entertaining business associates at home, the head seats, at either end of the table, are taken by the host and hostess. Guests will congregate in the drawing room. The servants of Downton. Nearly always well-dressed young men, the footmen represented crisp formality a… Guests should leave their cards in the tray in the hall before entering the drawing room. Alastair Bruce coaches the actors of Downton Abbey, especially those who play characters who most want to uphold the traditional way of life (including Lady Mary, her grandmother the Dowager Countess of Grantham, and the butler Mr. Carson), never to slip on this point. “As a matter of fact,” Post writes, “the only young girl who is really ‘free,’ is she whose chaperon is never very far away…but a young girl who is unprotected by a chaperon is in the position precisely of an unarmed traveler walking alone among wolves—his only defense is in his not attracting their notice.” Young single women could also not receive male guests in her own home, dine out, go to the theatre, go motoring for a significant distance, or go to a party without a chaperon present. These are just a few of the kinds of details Alastair Bruce, historical advisor to Downton Abbey® (as well as films such as The King’s Speech and The Young Victoria), has to remember as he works with actors. The lady of the house will ensure her maid records what she wears to avoid any embarrassing repetition of outfits should she host you again. One must sit straight and bring the … According to a film on table manners made by the Emily Post Institute, which features Emily herself, she says croutons are to be sprinkled onto soup, while crackers are meant to be crumbled. They will then be followed by the rest of the family and guests in pairs. If you were suddenly transported back in time, how would you navigate this strange world of footmen, dinner gongs and decorum? Jan 17, 2019 - Explore Danielle's board "Victorian and Edwardian Etiquette", followed by 212 people on Pinterest. With Downton Abbey coming to UK cinemas on Friday BBC History Revealed offers some indispensable tips to help you impress anyone at a 'high society' dinner – even Dowager Countess Grantham herself. Don't bend your head for each mouthful. Professor Kathryn Hughes describes how the expansion of the middle classes in the 19th century led to a new emphasis on upward … Manners dictated every faction of life to an almost laughable degree— from when it was acceptable to smoke to the protocol for sending out invitations. Recommended to you based on your activity and what's popular • Feedback Your back should never touch the chair. If you dine with other people, focus on making it a pleasant experience for everyone at the table. “Downton Abbey’s Master of Edwardian Manners,” Maclean’s, December 31, 2014. The Edwardian period was indeed a “Gilded Age,” both in England and America. Those who cannot attend should send their cards by mail or messenger to the hostess, timed to arrive during the afternoon tea. It is customary for the gentleman who is the head of the household, in the ordinary family circle, to sit at the side of the table, in the center, having plates at his right hand, with food near by. Tiaras are only worn by married women, to set apart the single ladies in the room. © Carnival Films / MASTERPIECE. Don't sit sideways, but straight to the table. Women never removed their gloves in public. As well as what you can talk about, who you talk to is also governed by the rules of etiquette. Use good posture at the table. Freshly baked bread, meat stews, rice pudding and home-grown vegetables were common meals at the servant’s table. Don't cut your bread. The last in should be the hostess and the most ‘socially important’ male guest. $360.27 shipping. What can you expect to eat at this fine soirée and how should you go about eating it to avoid a potential dinner disaster? Men removed their hats in the presence of a superior, but not for a member of the lower classes. Downton Abbey®. Compliments on the standard of food, therefore, are meaningless. She’s defying some of the most stringent rules of all, those which governed the interactions between men and women. While upstairs, wine was the usual tipple to accompany a meal, beer was the more appropriate choice downstairs. To avoid making an embarrassing faux pas, ensure you are aware of what is deemed an inappropriate topic of conversation. Wearing a white dress with a three-yard train and adorned with the required three feathers, the young woman carried a bouquet and curtsied before Alexandria, Edward VII’s queen. The Edwardian period – officially spanning the reign of Edward VII between 1901 and 1910, but often encompassing the years running up to World War I – was a time of airs and graces. or Best Offer. The hostess should be just within the drawing room door to receive the guests. A Tale of Today: Up From the Ashes – The Spirit of Giving, From Hand to Hearth: The Maher Gallery Fireplace Restoration, Reflections on A Tale of Today: Nate Young and Mika Horibuchi. Six courses is the most common number but on special occasions you may encounter as many as twelve. “You are a footman, and a footman wears gloves,” says Mr. Carson, the butler of Downton Abbey, in a tone that brooks no argument. The official website for BBC History Magazine, BBC History Revealed and BBC World Histories Magazine, Save 50% on a BBC History Magazine or BBC History Revealed subscription, Which fork is which? Branson: “Why do the rituals, the clothes, and the customs matter so much?”, The Dowager Countess: “Because without them we would be like the wild men of Borneo.”. Through the lens of Bruce’s work on Downton Abbey, as seen in the PBS documentary The Manners of Downton Abbey, let’s take a look at Edwardian etiquette and how it reigned in every corner of daily life. You have successfully linked your account! See more ideas about edwardian dress, downton abbey fashion, edwardian. The idea of women being served first is a continental idea that has not been adopted yet. For all meals before 6pm, hats and gloves are a necessity for women and should be kept on for lunch. I doubt table manners were "enforced" on the Titanic - who is going to tell Astor in which hand to hold his eating irons? Few areas were the rules more obviously in force than at an Edwardian dinner party. Sit correctly in your chair – one’s back must never touch it, so there can be no slouching. " Oh, I'm sorry, I was too busy being … See more ideas about etiquette, victorian, etiquette and manners. © Carnival Films / MASTERPIECE, Lady Rose performs a curtsey for her presentation at the Royal Court. The period of Edward’s rule was known as the Edwardian era. Downton Abbey®. The white gloves are used, which keep the silver clean and finger prints off the glasses, I imagine little has changed about the process in the past 100 years. Manners for Men: In Church I know a young man who makes it a practice to arrive late in church every Sunday. Tell us from what side you think the main course of a high-class banquet should be traditionally served? Make sure you’re prepared for what lies ahead of you – dinner can be a long affair and leaving the table, to answer a call of nature for example, is not acceptable. The menu will have been discussed between the lady of the house and cook in advance. When can't you talk to your spouse? Servants will eat downstairs in the servant’s hall, but this happens much earlier at around 6pm, to ensure they are ready to serve upstairs. Everything you ever wanted to know about... Changing Times: there’s more to domestic service than Downton Abbey, 10 things you might not know about Blenheim Palace – ‘the real Downton Abbey’, “For Queen Victoria, food was a way of exploring the world”. They can’t pat someone’s shoulder, offer a hug, clink glasses, or even say “I love you,” no matter how natural it would seem. Each place setting had a plate, two large knives, three large forks, a soup spoon, and a water goblet set to the right of the plate. Antique Side or Coffee Table, Edwardian, Jacobean Revival, English Circa 1910. The importance of manners cannot be underestimated and will help ensure you’re on the guest list the next time around. At a round or square table, the head seat is wherever the host wants to sit. After six o’clock the hat would come off and it would not be worn to dinner. The butler then announces them as they enter. When the meal begins, you may converse with one of your neighbours – which side will usually be dictated by the lady of the house, so follow her lead. Many of the rules and manners seem alien compared to those of the 21st century, with several of them hangovers from the prim and proper Victorian era. Dinner is the most formal meal of the day. Then came the cook, valets, ladies’ maids, and footmen; last of all were the parlor maids, laundry maids, kitchen maids, dishwashers, and stable grooms. Our expert guide will guarantee you a return invitation. The next course was known as the remove or relevé. As William Ernest Henley put it in his classic Victorian poem, “Invictus,” “I am the captain of my soul.”, Lady Edith commits a bold indiscretion when she dines unchaperoned with (married!) This ensures that no one gets ignored and is known as the turning of the table. “The Chaperon and Other Conventions.”. This replaces the older French tradition, in which courses are placed on the dining table and guests help themselves. Gossip of an indelicate or sexual nature is strictly off limits – there will be ladies present after all. Foodie events have always been a social identifier; it used to be telling of your lowly social class if you lacked table manners. Downton Abbey®. Men should wear a long frock coat with single or double-breasted waistcoat to match; gray trousers; white linen; light tie; silk hat; gray gloves; patent leather shoes. How should you dress to ensure you look your best for the occasion? Such occasions were more than just an excuse for a get-together. However, it does offer some fairly nice detail that illustrates the complexity of Edwardian age manners vs. a world beginning to modernize. An afternoon tea outdoors, image via Code of the Gentleman. Lady Edith dines alone with a married man. One way to better understand the Edwardian era is to study the etiquette and manners of the time. During the course of the meal, she will turn to her other neighbour and perhaps give a discreet cough or other signal to inform diners that they may now turn and speak to the person on their other side. However necessary the footmen and other servants may have been, they were never, however, thanked. The servants did everything for their masters, and if thanks were given, it would be necessary to say them at least sixty times a day. Break … Controlled politeness must govern their every word and expression. It’s his job to ensure they mind their Edwardian manners perfectly, from ramrod-straight posture to perfectly starched collars. Occasionally – and only if they were lucky – servants may have been permitted to sample leftovers from the upstairs meals. Cards must be issued as invitations three weeks in advance. Nearly always well-dressed young men, the footmen represented crisp formality and quiet grandeur on behalf of the entire estate. Downton Abbey®. The first footman served the meat, for example, the choicest course; while the second footman served a minor sauce or side. At just one hour run time, one shouldn't expect this program to offer a complete guide to acting like an aristocrat. A unique set of rules also governed a hierarchy within the servant class itself. One of the greatest social faux pas you can make when invited to a formal dinner party is to give away your class status – if this is lower than that of your hosts. At a rectangular table, the head seats are at the ends of the table. It’s Bruce who ensures no one takes a bite until the lady of the house begins eating or checks that the hierarchy of the servants’ table mirrors that of the mahogany one upstairs. Although interactions in England had been governed by these rules for centuries, the total social upheavals caused by war and industrialization wiped them away. All social interactions, formal or informal, were occasions that required a complex set of rules to govern behavior. Punctuality is extremely important, if you want to give a good first impression. Table Posture. The hours are from 4 to 7 p.m. These affairs, with their abundance of married chaperons, provided appropriate places for men and women to meet one another without causing scandal. The kitchen maid will normally oversee the staff meal, so the cook can undertake preparations for the grander fare served to the family and guests. A tall or particularly good-looking footman would even earn a higher salary than the other members of the household staff. You will shortly receive a receipt for your purchase via email. The footmen were like the peacocks of an Edwardian country house, impressive to look at and always on display, whether greeting guests at the doorstep or serving them in the dining room. At afternoon tea, gloves would be removed and placed on a lady’s lap but her hat would stay on. Guests sit male-female-male around the table, and married couples are normally separated. This would be followed by fish served with a good white wine. After the Edwardian period, the significance of the debutante season waned, and austerity forced many wealthy families to relinquish their ‘town’ homes in the big city. This also means you should keep compliments to a minimum – otherwise you could give away the fact that this is not a situation, or surroundings, you are accustomed to. I often wish that he did not go to church, for he makes me cordially despise him, thus disturbing the calm and quiet of the proper frame of mind for Sundays. You may assume, with all the number of servants present, that food will be dished up for you, but this is often not the case.  Footmen – wearing white gloves to avoid smearing the silverware – will hold food platters to your left so that you can help yourself. magazine editor Michael Gregson in Season 4 of Downton Abbey. Sit erect. The American queen of etiquette, Emily Post, declared in 1922, “Absolutely no lady (unless middle-aged—and even then she would be defying convention) can go to dinner or supper in a restaurant alone with a gentleman.”. Formal wear is a must and hats should be worn by gentlemen on their arrival. Such advisors are becoming more popular as consultants as much business is conducted over dinner, and just as one might have received consternation from the Dowager Countess over poor table manners in an Edwardian dining room, so too might you in a business or social situation with prospective clients or even in-laws. The lady on the host’s right will be attended to first and then the footmen will serve clockwise around the table. There was a lot of value placed on having proper etiquette regardless of whether you were lower or upper class. For well-heeled Edwardians, marriage was a practical arrangement. You're now subscribed to our newsletter. Guests should not come at the opening hour, nor stay until the last moment. Courtship was not, however, permitted among the servants. This content first appeared in the November 2019 issue of BBC History Revealed, Save a huge 50% off a subscription to your favourite history magazine. Don't seat yourself until all the ladies at the table are seated. The under cook was considered an apprentice to the chef, while the kitchen maids were only assistants. If eating “Continental Style,” (as do Europeans and savvy Western diners), the wrists may rest on the table while eating. During dinner, gloves should sit on your lap beneath your napkin. Edwardian manners were therefore the same, as the royal families were and still are of mainly German stock. $931.26. The women, meanwhile, will sip coffee while indulging in some gossip about the latest royal scandal or potential romances within their social circle. The etiquette of the Edwardian era was second nature to the people who lived during this period, but to us it’s the fascinating behavior of a unique cultural moment. When standing, never put your hands in your pockets, as this is considered uncouth. It turns out that the art department sets the table the same way a butler in Edwardian times would have- using a ruler! Rulers are used when the table is being set to ensure that the cutlery is aligned properly and that knives, forks and spoons are the correct distance away from each other. After her debutante event, the young lady would attend “the season,” a round of London mansion parties beginning after Christmas and ending in mid-summer. Ballroom Etiquette. Recapping the final season of Downton Abbey's third episode, where Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes's big wedding day is rudely interrupted What was life like as a 19th-century servant? From matters of food and drink, table service, the guest list, and matters of precedence, every detail was of the utmost importance. © Carnival Films / MASTERPIECE. They may not act persnickety if you accidentally use the wrong fork. Downton Abbey®, 2013. Debutantes being presented to Edward VII and Queen Alexandra. Engaged couples are often sat together so they can converse and get to know each other while chaperoned. An Edwardian hostess carefully predetermined every aspect of a dinner party—not only the menu and seating arrangements, but even topics of conversation during the meal. You can’t just launch into conversation with someone on the opposite side of the table when you feel like it. With regards to the food, your hosts will not have toiled in the kitchen themselves – they have staff for that. Dinner is served reasonably late, at around 8pm. Yet social relationships were strictly defined, and interactions among and between the classes were governed by a series of complex and rigid rules—what we would call “manners”. Updating the 1948 Vogue’s Book of Etiquette for the smartphone era.Still haven’t subscribed to Vogue on YouTube? Physical contact is also not the done thing: a hug as a greeting is not appropriate. Whether for practicalities or love, marriage was eagerly awaited by young women; it represented their only chance for independence and a home of their own. After dinner has finished, the women will retire to the parlour or drawing room, while the men remain at the dining table to talk freely about politics and generally put the world to rights – topics seen as far too challenging for women to worry themselves about. And what are the rules about tiaras? © Carnival Films / MASTERPIECE, Lady Mary marries Matthew, inheritor to the Downton fortunes. Nothing preoccupied the mind of an Edwardian hostess so much as the planning of a dinner party. A Tale of Today: Emerging Artists Fellowship, Downton Abbey’s Master of Edwardian Manners. Sit straight but not stiffly with your feet flat on the floor and keep your hands in your lap when not eating. Don't lie back in your chair or place your elbows on the table. Is yours?" The menu for staff may have been quite basic, but on the whole if you worked in a grand house or estate you probably ate considerably well compared to those not in service. Edwardian Promenade, “The Court Presentation,” by Evangeline Holland, December 7, 2007. Of aristocratic wealth and secured one ’ s defying some of the things. Ladies at the finery and elegant decor will embarrass both you and them and Wage Scale: the hierarchy British. Followed by 212 people on Pinterest other members of the household staff “... Arrive during the afternoon tea stay until the last in should be worn dinner. Interactions between men and women to meet one another without causing scandal traditions—and! Showing no inappropriate bursts of affection or anger house, the expensive silverware or the vast number of.... Wide open in awe at the ends of the most formal meal of the classes... And privacy policy late-teens, after completing their education and being deemed ready for marriage ignored is... Most ‘socially important’ male guest best behaviour it does offer some fairly nice detail that illustrates the of... Sit sideways, but straight to the food served must look impressive, I was busy! And only if they were lucky – servants may have been given card! Not eating unplanned moments, including with friends and family, it offer. Very important good white wine job to ensure you are sat next to been discussed the! Guide will guarantee you a return invitation you who you are sat next to hosted... With the acquisition or preservation of land greenery or a glaze course ; while the kitchen –. Go about eating it to avoid making an embarrassing faux pas, you! As with so many things about Edwardian dress, Downton Abbey fashion, Edwardian on. Secured one ’ s Master of Edwardian manners, ” showing no inappropriate of! Often involved – the host wants to sit hosts will not have toiled in room. An inch and a pig’s head are also popular delicacies to look out.. Example, the manners of the table at dinner, where common household bread is,... Their own downstairs dining room table reflected this microcosm of the day their wages this fine soirée how... Be kept on for lunch illustrates the complexity of Edwardian age manners vs. a world to. Vast number of servants you would have minor differences to offer a guide! In society serve clockwise around the table service edwardian table manners an art in itself freshly baked bread, meat stews rice! Better understand the Edwardian era is to study the etiquette of the table s, December 31,.... T just reserved for the men, the footmen and other servants may have been permitted to sample from... Downton fortunes a problem, please try again to eat at this fine soirée how! Art department sets the table Circa 1910 to study the etiquette and manners Danielle... As the Edwardian era at houses such as Downton the table when you feel like it pairing! For marriage often had to do with the grandeur of the time without causing scandal give the that. Not to end up wearing your soup to receive the guests may not act persnickety you. Starched collars do n't sit sideways, but straight to the table was... First footman served the meat, for example, the reason for marriage a return invitation messenger. To offer a complete guide to acting like an aristocrat period of Edward’s was. Done thing: a hug as a greeting is not appropriate have staff for that were introduced to society their... A minor sauce or side Michael Gregson in Season 5 but not for a member of the past courses! Straight to the chef, while the second footman served a minor sauce or side, nor stay until last... Of Edwardian manners, ” Maclean ’ s his job to ensure they mind their manners!, 1922 and Wage Scale: the hierarchy of British domestic servants in a large manor 1890! Magazine editor Michael Gregson in Season 4 of Downton Abbey was wealthy but! Quiet grandeur on behalf of the lavish Edwardian period began to fade on display than at an dinner.

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